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Before ī went to Ish Ī felt stuck, Ī felt lost, Ī needed help with being able to move on from things that didn’t serve my life any longer(like my job, past relationships, current relationships, forgiveness)! Our sessions helped to awaken my soul, it helped me to see life clearly, and let go of things that do not define me any longer!! Ī am blessed to have met Ish and beyond grateful for his beautiful gift that helped me so much!!

Ish helped me out in so many ways. When I first went to him I was lost with a career and lost with life. He helped me out in finding the right path for my life and started to make money in so many different ways. I feel more focused and more happier with life. Ish cared for me even after I went to him he would always follow up every once an awhile to see how i was doing. He changed my life!

“My session with Ish was emotional yet awakening.  He used techniques that made me realize the belief patters I was enacting and living weren’t serving my higher purpose and in recognizing I was able to let it go.  Thank you Ish, I went in knowing little to nothing of what you do to being grateful for the experience and realization.”


I have had anxiety for a while and until I saw ish it really calmed down and he helped me a lot. He is very professional and knows how to really help. He makes you think and help you really find yourself. My anxiety has calmed down tremendously and I am very blessed to have him help me. I highly recommend him!

n January of last year, I had a 2 hour session with Ish Perez for hypnosis purposes. Let me just start off by saying Ish is a true professional. He opened my eyes to new perspectives and new strategies to dealing with the difficulties and challenges I face in life. Anyone thinking about hiring this man should stop thinking about it and just do it. He’s truly a caring individual that will use his skills and knowledge to help you take on whatever challenges you’re trying to overcome

When I met Ish I thought I had my act together.  Just needed a few things worked out.   Well was I wrong!  As we spoke I realized that the little things I thought I needed to work out had a much larger issue underlying.  I also realized that once I claimed ownership of what was really mine and acknowledged it, accepted it, forgave it and let it go, I hit that major break through, I was able to focus much better and much faster, and accomplish all I wanted to do.  Going forward this has helped me with my family, work, friendships and so many other aspects in my life.  Forever grateful to have met him and allowed myself to be open to hear what he had to share.  It’s not easy work, but once you do it, you will be so much are peace with yourself and your life.


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