Olivia Montiel

Yoga Instructor

Graduate of Shiva Shanti Yoga School, studied with Shivadasi and Ma Ba a Sanskrit scholar.

Currently studying with Kripalu School of Yoga under the guidance of Larissa Hall Carlson. Studied with Balarama Chandra Das and Dr. John Doulliard through Kripalu School of Yoga.

Class Style/Teaching Style:

Class begins with meditation infused with philosophy, giving students time to unwind and to ground themselves. Then moving on to the focus of the breath with pranayama. My teaching style includes a strong vinyasa with restorative infusion, creative sequencing and focus on the anatomy of the body. Backbends are my favorite group of asanas so I include them in every class, with focus on opening the heart chakra Anahata.

I incorporate Ayurvedic teaching techniques giving students a well-rounded yoga class. Yoga is for every body and everyone.