Ray James

My Yogi roots seed from a humble beginning, to be exact it was a book called Moving Toward Balance: 8 Weeks of Yoga with

Rodney Yee Paperback – April 28, 2004. This was my first step on the path to understanding how important yoga was to my life. I wanted to increase flexibility and awareness in the ring; I sought to draw a stronger mind body connection through meditation and breathing exercises. I wanted to unlock some of the parts that Master practitioners had only spoke about in seminars and applying the new learned skills across the board i.e. every interaction of my life.

Discovering yoga alone first was quite challenging but I pressed forward with workshops, certification classes, seminars, retreats and spiritual getaways just to explore more of the world and ultimately learn more about myself. Most of my life has been dedicated towards fitness and martial arts, with over 26 years being proficient in various styles you come to the understanding from all the masters; that at the higher level its all spiritual and internal and the physical aspect is no longer the focus or even the source of energy. We finally get to the root of it all and understand a basic premise which yoga teaches from day one. Fast forwarding to present day, I have been fortunate to learn from Masters and there very best students, such names like Grand Master B. M. Kim, Grand Master Lee, Grand Master Gary Na Buy, Grand Master Anthony Richards, Grand Master Lamar Thornton, Alan Finger, H. H. Holiness Sakya Trisin i.e. Medicine Buddha and Adam Sokolov just to name a few individuals who

have molded my approach to yogic practices. I look forward to being able to share some of the knowledge I have acquired through my journey and I hope that it can assist you on your personal path.